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2007 AGM

The AGM went well with only the new fees to report. These are:

Full members £88.00 including BMFA fee
Full members with OAP/student discount £83.00 including BMFA fee
Junior members £15.00 including BMFA fee
Joining fee £25.00

Please renew your subscription as soon as possible, see next meeting below!

Fees have been raised to allow for BFMA increase and to meet the proposed
Budget which includes the maintenance of the field, as owners, and being able to Repay contributions to the field fund in reasonable period.

Field Purchase

Currently only awaits some documentation and the removal of the horses from the paddock. I hope to be in contact with all concerned in the New Year, when holidays are over.
The new fence is up and reports so far show no problems with its location.

Helicopter Field

The owner of our pter field has decided not to rent to us in future so we can no longer use this field in 2008. the reason is apparently possible conflicts with some European regulations regarding funding and usage. The same landowner has also withdrawn his arrangement with the Southam Flyers, some of whom are also members of CADMAC.helico


The heli’ flyers will therefore have to return to the main field and by the time you receive this the pegboard should have been moved to the main field. As an interim measure those wishing to ‘hover’ should agree with any fixed wing flyers as to the appropriate area to be used, which must be away from the pits. The ‘patch’ must not be used for hovering and due attention must be paid to the directions used by fixed wing aircraft for landing and take off. Helicopters must be carried from the pits before take off as for fixed wing aircraft.


Helis’ should continue to use allocated frequencies as this will ensure frequency separation for those hovering at distance from the those flying from the patch.

Please be aware that we are limited to 8 IC powered aircraft at any one time and this should include hovering helicopters.

Heli flyers will also have to be more aware of the noise they create as they are now closer to the village and much more visible.

I hope that we can all co-operate and make this work without the need for any regulation, remember safety is paramount.

The loss of this field is bad news, but we can console ourselves that we have saved some money.


For Information

I have been told recently that a petition has been circulated in Wolston recently whose contents I do not know, but is assumed to be intending to limit or curtail our activities. Please be on your guard and don’t provide ammunition for objectors. We are protected by our Certificate of Legal Use, but only if we abide by the rules. Please in particular keep well away from the village when flying and be careful about flying times and noise.

Next Meeting
Next meeting is Monday January 7th at Humber Road cricket pavilion. Please use this opportunity to pay subscriptions for 2008. remember you can’t fly unless have paid and are insured.


Future Meetings


Date Location
Monday Jan 21st Humber Road Cricket Pavilion
Monday Feb 4th Humber Road Cricket Pavilion
Monday Feb 18th Humber Road Cricket Pavilion
Monday March 3rd Humber Road Cricket Pavilion
Monday March17th Humber Road Cricket Pavilion



Now I have got through all the important official stuff I wish all a good, fun and safe flying season in 2008
Paul Scott, Tel 019264222504, e-mail


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