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Indoor flying meeting.


February Indoor Flying -

The event was well attended, with enough contributing to make a small margin on the cost of the hall. Over the year we usually are very near to breakeven, some years making a slight loss, others a small profit.

The new Ares Tiger Moth made it's presence felt, I think there were at least four present. They represent the latest in affordable scale indoor models, and fly so great.

Perhaps we need to pay a little more attention to the safety of both folk present and models in the pit lane. There were at least two significant "arrivals" into the pit lane, one a wayward little heli landing on a Tiggy, the other a bigger foamie landing on a lightweight shock flier. There were also occasions of models flying too near people. Please can more care be taken, and perhaps show a bit of sympathy if your model trashes someone else's. The majority of the flying was great, and one newcomer had his giant coaxial three channel helicopter flying very nicely at about 6 inches. Nice slow head speed, quiet too. Great to see the new technology earning it’s keep.

Graham Stanley


Indoor Event At
7.00 pm to 9.00pm
Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre
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  Hi all
The indoor crowd is well known for their hospitality and willingness to help each other and beginners. Speak to Graham on Tel
07519665738 for advice on suitable models.
The Coventry club invite fliers and spectators to our indoor events – First Friday each month except mid summer (July and August). The address is Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Winston Avenue, Coventry, West Midlands CV2 1DX
Shock fliers and indoor models, scale and novelty, small helicopters etc.. are suggested. We will use slots if we need to allow helis and fixed wing all to have a fly in a safe manner. Aircraft and pilots must be able fly safely in the available space. A number of novelty models are also flown, adding to the fun.
Please feel free to invite friends, but fliers MUST have up to date BMFA membership.
In the past we have mostly managed without slots, but if there are too many in the air at once then slots will be arranged to suit those present.
Flying "off the peg" 35MHz, and 2.4 is open subject to the air not getting too crowded.
The usual courtesy for other fliers and spectators is expected, so everybody has the maximum fun and flight time.
All fliers and members are requested to act as safety officers, and encourage competent safe flying. If you have concerns with anyone's flying, please ensure the committee are advised if you are unable to resolve it with the perpetrator. Safe, enjoyable flying for all is our aim. The pits area is the wall against the entrances and also the wall nearest the car park entrance.
Costs £5 per flier, juniors free.
07519665738 email


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